Filman the most important company in the sector, was initially established in Biella in 1988, the heart of the Italian textile industry. At the beginning it produced sewing threads that were distributed with their own trademark or usign the trademarks from the main sellers from all over Europe.
Nowadays avant-garde production units guarantee the constant superior quality of the product combined with a high level of flexibility.
Particular care is given to the technical aspects of the product. The mechanical parameters are constant in time and over production batches.
Filman specializes in the production of textured and bright polyester, Trevira CS and viscose, all of which can be shipped on cones, dyeing cones or weaving cones.
At the moment Filman has a plant also producing fancy yarn and or multi-ply coiled yarn. A complete range of counts and an updated stock service for the main varieties guarantee optimal costumer service. We can  create yarns in any form, twist and packaging, according to our costumers’ needs.
As of today Filman’s main costumers are manufacturers in the following branches: weaved labels, ribbons, furnishing textiles, clothing textiles, curtains, technical yarns and sewing yarns.